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The concept of odds

In one of the earlier texts have said that quota represents the probability that an event will achieve. The best example to explain the formation and conversion of quota from one form to another is a coin toss. As a coin has two sides, "letter" and "head", the probability that it will fall on one of these sides is equal and amounts to 50%.

Translated in decimal form, the odds that the coin falls on the "letter" or "head" is 2.00. If two people bet on the coin toss and thereby invest EUR 100, the person who receives the bet will earn EUR 100 (2.00 x EUR 100 = EUR 200), while in contrast the other person will lose 100 EUR.

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Let's imagine that in betting there is a bet in which to hit on that side of the coin will fall when determining the initial impact of a sporting event. This ratio quotas certainly not to find, although it is unlikely that the coin falls not any side remains equal and amounts to 50%. The reason is that bookmakers themselves provide a profit regardless of the outcome of the event, so for this kind of bets quota ratio of 1.95: 1.95 was quite good.

Simple math is easy to see that the person who struck side of the coin now has earnings of EUR 95, while 5 EUR betting retained for himself. This is one of the simplest examples in which it is clear that the size of the quota does not represent the actual value, and the probability that an event will achieve.

Everything written above is an attempt to better understand the meaning of the quota on the value of which affect various factors, and that the code online betting constantly changing. The reason for this is that bookies try to previously set quotas for all events but analysts create their value on the information you have at that moment. As to the amount of quota affected by factors like injured players, the amount of payment, the weather, so do the odds change in the baseline.

It should be noted that the small value of the quota does not mean a sure bet, but the odds are that since its setting up long dormant and just before the swords began to fall sharply, most often end up in such a way that the fall of the quota was justified and the sword ends up in accordance with the quota.